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2018 Summer STEAM Learning Camp Registration OPEN!

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Camp Discovery

Pausing on a hike to ask/ answer questions about nature.

Camp Discovery scientists will spend the week becoming problem solvers and critical thinkers. Engineering will be the focus as we find ways to solve problems and challenges by testing our own solutions. We will practice working both individually and as a member of a team. Join us for a week of hands-on science fun!

2018 Camp Themes:
Engineering Inspired by Nature
Campers investigate methods in which seeds are dispersed in nature through the story Once Upon a Time in the Woods. The story leads campers to further explore how seeds are dispersed by the wind. Using the designs found in nature, campers develop paper helicopters and parachutes then perform variable testing to improve their performance.

Making Music
Campers explore sound and vibrations. They learn how the human eardrum works and explore concepts such as pitch and longitudinal and transverse waves. They collect information through hands-on lessons and engineer a musical instrument. 

Rolling Things
Campers learn about forces of motion and friction in this exciting camp that takes a hands-on approach to exploring these concepts. They will discover how much fun science can be as they learn together by beautiful Canyon Ferry Lake.  

Students entering grades 1st-3rd grade, fall 2018

- June 25th - 28th - Engineering Inspired by Nature
- July 9th - 12th - Making Music
- July 16th - 19th - Rolling Things
- July 23rd - 26th - Making Music
- July 30th - Aug. 2nd - Rolling Things
Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake; Students are picked up each morning at 8:30 am at a location in the Helena area (See camper emails for details.) and driven by van to MLC, returing to that area at 4:30 pm each day.


$300 per camper, per week (includes van ride to and from the lake, lunch, snacks, and materials)

What happened to the tree bark, and why?